Funny SMS Messages for Boyfriend

Funny SMS messages for boyfriend refer to those messages that are exchanged between a girl and her boyfriend, the mode of communication being an SMS or text. These messages as the name suggests must be humorous in nature and should be able to tickle the funny bone of the boyfriend.

Sample Funny SMS Messages for Boyfriend:

  • Do you remember the day we met, you were nervously sweating. So much so that your shirt looked like it just came out of the washer. Thank God your disorder has been cured. Well it’s nice reminiscing about the good old ways.
  • You are the reason I can’t keep my facts and lessons intact. How can I? Now that you are there to occupy most of the space in my mind and in all of my memories! I love you babe. I love you a lot.
  • I would not have gone for someone so boring and slow like you. But thank god for giving me the talent to groom you and bring out the best in you. Just joking, my dear boyfriend, I look everything about you.
  • This is the last time I am telling you that when I say “nothing, forget it” what I really mean is that you have to figure out what you did wrong to make me say it in the first place and then correct you mistakes.
  • You do crazy stuff and make me so very angry with your weird antics. I getall the more angry with your stupid behaviour and you make me go mad with you non- stop drama. But I got to admit that I love you my goofy, loony, lovely dear boyfriend.
  • Before we talked to each other I thought you were creepy for looking at me and smiling for no reason. But now that we are together I realise that you weren’t a weirdo, you are just a man in love.
  • To all the boyfriends out there we are letting out the secret to a happy relationship. Its, whenever you fight with your girlfriend you have to remember- she is always right which means you are always wrong.
  • I love that even though we are fighting, you never forget to tell me that you love me. I am glad I have been able to train you well baby, keep up with the good work. With loads of love, the girl in love with you and only you.

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