Funny SMS Messages for Girlfriend

Funny SMS messages for girlfriend are the messages that are exchanged through SMS between a boy and his girlfriend.  These types of messages have a humorous tone and will bring the smile on the face of the receiver. A few examples and samples of funny SMS messages for girlfriend are given below and can be used for your reference.

Sample Funny SMS Messages for Girlfriend:

funny sms for girlfriend in english

  • Hey babe, today I came across a very, very sensible idea displayed on a sign board in the boy’s locker room. It said it is very important to save water; hence we must all go and shower with our girlfriends. What say??
  • I beginning to feel that all girlfriends are like an exam question paper. There are too many questions, all of which are very difficult to understand. I keep thinking if only I had some more information but I know, no matter what the result will always be “flunked”.
  • Hey babe, I know you told me that you want to cook me an elaborate multiple course dinner for our six months anniversary. But given the thanksgiving episode I’d say it’s only fair if I keep the bookings I made for the evening.
  • There are worse things in life than not having a girlfriend, that’s having girlfriend like you. I meant a girl who has such a huge fan following that it’s hard to keep up with her social life.
  • It’s been said that marriage is like a workshop. And in this workshop, the man works while the women shops. Well that’s the mechanism of our relationship right now, so I guess we are partially married.
  • Falling in love with you has me flustered. I wish there was a traffic sign for the way you all function so that I’d know when I should go (green), when should I wait (yellow) and when should I just hit the stop (red) on it.
  • It so not fare that I takes me days of planning and multiple gifts to make for my mistakes but when you make a mistake all it takes is a smile on your face with sparkle in your eyes. I guess this shows how much I love you babe.
  • Sometimes I feel I will die if I stay with you for long. It’s not because of your irritating nature but because whenever I am around you my heart beats a mile an hour.

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