I Love You SMS Messages

I love you SMS messages are the messages that are sent by a person to send his I love you wish to his or her lover.

These messages are the loving, caring and the adoring messages that conveys “I love you” of the sender to his or her counterpart.

Such messages must be framed in a very attractive manner to please the reader.

Sample I Love You SMS Messages

[blockquote]Until I found you, I always thought that love is just a mirage of the mind. I always thought it is a feeling that is really impossible to find. Since the day I met you, you have turned my perception to be untrue. I love you.[/blockquote]

  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]The day I met you, I began to see, the real love and the care for you do exists in me. I really cherish the day when “you” and “I “became “we”, being with you is the best thing to be. I love you.[/notice]
  • I have given you everything that was there in my heart. Promise me a thing that you will never set me apart. With every passing day, I am living you in a more crazy way. I love you!
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]I am in deepest love with your eyes and your tangled hair. I love your smile and the way you care. I love everything in you, I love you.[/notice]

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