I Miss You SMS Messages

Those messages which are written in order to express the fact that the sender is missing the recipient are called I miss you messages and if these messages are sent to the recipient through the SMS service, then the messages are called I miss you sms messages. Any such message expresses the true felt emotion of the sender for the recipient and must be written emotionally.

I miss you sms messages must not be very long and should be well framed. A few samples and examples of I miss you sms messages have been given below and can be referred to by any person who wishes to frame similar messages.

Sample I Miss You SMS Messages

  • Days have become longer and nights have become darker without your presence in my life. Through this sms, I want you to know that you may have gone away but you still reside in my heart and will always do. I miss you loads.
  • Dear love, I miss you a lot and cannot wait to see you again. Hope you are missing me too and are waiting for me to come back.
  • Missing you has become a habit for me and I wish to break this habit and be with you. So come back to me, come back to you love. I love you.
  • In what words shall I explain to you that I really miss you every single moment of each day of the week. Please forget about our fight and come back to me my love.
  • I am sorry for what I said. If I knew, it would drive you away from me, I would have never said it. Please forgive me because after you left, I realized how  much I miss you and how empty my life is without you.
  • Dear father, I am doing well here and hope the same for you. Just wanted to tell you that I am really missing you and mother and would try my best to make it on Christmas.
  • I am missing you from the bottom of my heart and cannot imagine how happy I will be when I get to see you.
  • This night is so long without you. I miss you loads.
  • This day seems endless without your face in front of me. I miss your presence, I miss you fragrance and I miss you smile.

[blockquote]You are my dearest darling; it’s everything in you that I am thinking. I miss everything in you, I miss the way you love me by being so genuine and true. I miss you.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]You presence makes my smile all the time. You are the one with whom I shine. I really miss you all this while; I dearly miss the love in your eyes and that prettiest smile.[/blockquote]

  • I miss you all the while. I miss your bubbly face, your twinkling eyes and that cute smile. I miss you.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]Missing you all the while has become my habit. When you are not there, I feel so incomplete. I miss you.[/notice]
  • Anytime of the day if someone asks me what I am doing, I will answer I am missing my darling. You are a diving blessing. I miss you in everything.

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