Random SMS Messages of Romance

Romantic sms messages can be send randomly to your partners in life in the hopes of making their day bright and brighten even more if their day is already bright enough, or may cast a warm light in his or her dark days. If you are the most random romantic person in the world or consider yourself as one then you will enjoy reading the sample sms messages you will find in this article.

This article features samples of romantic messages that you may randomly send to your lover depending on your level of randomness. The messages you find below can be used anytime without any cost. If you wish to improvise or apply mild changes in the words, phrases, or sentences, then it comes with significance to be very wary in choosing the appropriate words in doing such act for the tone to deliver an impact you would like. The intention of romantic messages is to make your other whole feel loved so it is necessary to pour out all your love in a message box even if becomes lengthy. A love letter is appreciated when lengthy or short. The composition should be filled with tones of romance, affection, and sincerity.

  • There is little happiness in this world of ours and yet others are so desperate in finding for such this promised happiness losing parts of us we think we don’t need and parts we are certain we do not need at all. I have recently discovered that this happiness lies in ourselves and most often than not it takes someone else to make us realize this. I am lucky that I have found that someone else for I have found the promised happiness in me. Thank you so much for being that someone else in my life. I love you, dearest.


  • I hope you know how it feels to be very lucky knowing that someone who has the weirdest taste in the varieties of life decides to put up with someone like me who is just like any other mess, yet makes me feel like the most special mess she has ever witnessed. We have been together now for a long time and you don’t seem to be tired at all with my mess, instead you are filled with excitement and can’t wait for another day for me to mess up a grand event. I am just so lucky to be with someone who loves me wholly despite the things that I am lacking. I love you so much and I wish you’ll be with me in another lifetime.


  • You know what, lover? My friends had a serious discussion which required everyone’s candor so there I was paying full attention of what it was all about. Later, I found out that it was a recollection of our past deeds that we would all kneel for mercy if the Judgement day ever comes. This is a rare moment for everyone in every friendship where you all decide to become vulnerable in front of your closest friends. In the mention of vices, I was alarmed for I never had any of this at all– or I thought. They spoke of the usual teenage vices like drugs, alcohols, and cigars. When it was my turn to talk about my greatest vice, I told them your name. Everyone of them rolled their eyes on me and, in unison, said yeah like it is not at all obvious. Well, I was being honest and they were contented with my answer for they knew that it is true.


  • My wishes in this lonely world finally came true when you dropped your notebook in the hallway. I was about to reach it for you but you elegantly picked them up which left me breathless as your gently curled hair swayed to and fro. You looked at me and thank me for nothing. That night I couldn’t sleep from dreaming of the future ahead of me and I had to make sure that you were in it. Yes, I remember the day that I first met you and how lucky I was to witness such beautiful clumsiness. That memory haunts me everyday and what a beautiful kind of haunting is this. Even if we’re now married, I’ll never get over that memory. If you could just do me a favor, please drop something in the ground and make me watch you pick them up. HA HA! Kidding! I love you, hon.


  • The most beautiful sight that puts a smile on my face everyday is seeing my favorite woman in this world happy, that is mom. I see my father making this little things just to keep my mother happy and I just suddenly want to become my father. The first time I saw you I was certain beyond the shadows of every doubt that you are the person I will be committed share the happiness I want to impose to another human. I saw my mom in you and of course I would want to make you the happiest person in this lifetime. I don’t mean to be a creep or cheese you out just to break your fragile heart in the end, my intentions are clear and all I ever want in this life is seeing you happy for being with me. Have a good day, future wife.


  • Who would’ve thought that a guy like me would put up with someone who is such a mess like you. Oh, sorry I think I have it backwards. Thank you so much, babe, for making me alive each day especially if there’s a day where I don’t feel like breathing at all because of the too much-ness of disheartening persons existing in this damned world. You have given me hope and will to always make the best of my day. Sometimes I think that that the purpose of the existence of other person is to make you realize the purpose of your own existence. I am fortunate that that person is the person I love most in this world. My love for you, darling, runs deep.


  • To the person who thinks she’s the most beautiful person that has ever lived, well you truly are the most beautiful person that has ever lived and that is just one of the many things that I love about you. I can enumerate all the things that I love about you but  don’t think sms text messaging allows users of cellphones to do that. I know what the reason is, but I would love to assume that it’s because cellphones self destructs when they are cheesed out. Anyways, I would like to let you know what a blessing your existence is to me that I continue to thank your makers. This lifetime might be too short but I will try my best to enjoy every second of it with you by my side. I love you so much, darling.


  • Being with you makes me feel like I can withstand all the challenges in life that others think is impossible for a man like me to conquer. I do feel like I’m stronger if you are with me because I am inspired to move mountains and cross the other side of the raging rivers even if I break some bones in me. I have no worries to all of these stresses for the thought of you makes me recover fast and look again for another challenge. Through these challenges I have known what it’s like to work on something for the sole purpose of someone’s sake because long before I met you I was selfish and worked only for me so that others wouldn’t benefit in my achievements at all. I never knew how sharing could be this good. With you and your love for me, we can cross the muddy roads that the evil has set on our paths in the journey of living together as husband and wife. I love you so much.


  • I fell in love with the others before and was traumatized from the last relationship I had. I closed my heart and promised to keep it close forever even if the purpose of my existence ceases to exist. At first I hated you because I can love you just naturally when I had already restrained my heart in doing such deed, but this feeling just keeps getting stronger and stronger every time you are around. I feared you so I had to avoid small conversations that you  would want to carry which I knew I would have enjoyed. I had a glimpse of something in you which I never found in my previous relationship and that is sincerity. I had to take the risk and, although I was awkward at first, I started learning how to love again. There is just something in you that is worthy of my love, and I think that it’s about time my heart recovers from the wounds that were never healed by means of returning your love.


  • I thought that the fairy tales I had read in the past will never come true (by fairy tales I mean the types of love that you can read in the texts). So much like the lightning, you entered my life and at first I meticulously gazed your appearance long enough for a normal person to fall in love with someone. I liked you at first because of your undeniable beauty, I started falling in love with you when you told me to read your favorite books which I thought were really boring until I finished them in four hours. No one would ever expect that you have a liking for gore killings and suspense reads with your innocent face. My darling, you continue to surprise me each day and that is just everything that I am living for. So feed me with your mysteries and let this fairy tale kind of love we have be worth everyone’s acknowledgement.


  • I get really bored when my friends talk about love for all they talk about is flowers, chocolates, romance, cuteness, and other boastful approach of impressing their girlfriends. I always whisper to myself how unlucky these boys for having a girl that demands all the luxury in the world. Well, I am lucky for you are not that kind of girl. Your happiness are puppies and kittens which happens to be my happiness as well. I think it’s time you know I sleep with our young kittens and ten year old puppies at night if you are spending an evening with your family because they remind me of you and you are the only person whose existence is a lullaby to me.


  • Darling, what you are to me is nothing but a bringer of enlightenment in hours of confusion and answer to all the questions in my life. You make life tolerable and worth living. To tell you the truth, my life was painted the shades of gray until you convinced me there are so much colors and that they are not limited with gray at all. The day you told me that was the day I fell in love with you. It is a foolish man’s dream to hope for forever, but you make are making me a fool out of myself so I have all the rights in this world to hope for forever for us.


  • I am currently experiencing a bad day today and you are the only one who can make me feel better for I have appointed you as my happy little pill, well I secretly appointed you as one but it’s no longer a secret so whatever. I want to know how are you doing today, tell me all the cute students that you have, and how smart your students are. Tell me anything just anything that comes out of your mind because the randomness of your mind is what brings me joy in this wretch of a world. You should know how worthy you are of being loved by everyone, but it sucks to be them because they’ll never get the chance to love you or they can die trying. I love you, baby.


  • The complexity of this world matches the complexity of your mind and the complexity of what I have felt for you. There are really common things about the three and the most common is I have failed to solve the enigma of the mysteries of all three. For all I care is I am loved by you and you are loved be me. Everything seems really complicated if we take a closer look at it but I have wasted my time in studying the complexities when I should be busy being cheesed out when you scream “Oh, fairest maiden who shares a surname with me please thy husband and snake your arms around mine and let our witness please themselves from the sight that is us” in public. My old soul is deeply in love with your old soul.


  • I hope you are having a very bad day in your office because I am coming with salad and burgers that I am certain will fix your awful day just from the sight of these. I hope my sight will bring you joy as well. By the way, I found some puppies for sale and they’re just so cute that they deserve to see you and get a share of your love. I promised to bring happiness in your life when I said my vows and I believe I am doing just fine with it, so if you’re day is not awful now then do something about it so you’ll have one. With warm love, hugs, and kisses, handsomest husband.


  • Before I met you, this world of mine only knew of sadness and hatred. Your timing was just perfect for I was already close to depression’s grip. If it were not for you I would probably be dead by now. I never knew that love could posses such a power the demolishes the existence of absolute sadness. I thank you so much for showing me how I am worthy of being loved when all I was ever convinced was I am never worthy of a share from it. I love you so much that it cuts deep in me. This is the kind of hurting that is just so good, or maybe I am just hurting a little because of my unfamiliarity of it, anyway I am just so thankful that someone like you exists to save us who think we are un-lovable.


  • Hello, dear, I am on my way home now and I’ll be preparing your favorite meal and I’ll be preparing myself as well for I know you’re on your best outfit everyday so I have to look twice as good as I am today so that we can celebrate this monthsary with good meal, wine, and looks. I look forward to meeting you tonight. I love you everyday.

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