Relationship SMS Messages

Relationship SMS messages are the text messages sent through mobile to the dear ones. The technology has penetrated each walk of one’s lives and SMS’s have become an inseparable part of one’s existence. We all love to send and receive SMS’s and now they have become the messenger’s of our life.

In every relationship whether it is between a husband and a wife, between lovers, siblings, parents-children or friends SMS’s have become a major medium of communication. These messages are short and to the point and the tone of the messages are casual. Any emotion could be express through SMS; all that is needed are the correct words.

Relationship SMS Messages

Sample Relationship SMS Messages

[notice noticeType=”attention” ]Our relationship has grown from fights to talk; our relationship has grown from tears to laughs. Our relationship has grown from love to sacrifice now this is the correct time I wish to become your wife.[/notice]

  • As a couple we have enjoyed everything together. As a couple we have always stood by each other’s side. As a couple we have understood and fought, as a couple we have been sincere and naughty. Happy couple-hood.
  • Never break the heart of your lover because that is the most precious thing you have got in the entire world.
  • [blockquote] Love is crazy love is blind; love can sometime make you go out of your mind. Love is funny, love is interesting. Love is emotional love always binds. Love is priceless love is passionate, love is you and I love you.[/blockquote]
  • Our relationship is the most precious gift of God and each day I thank God for this Gift!!
  • My heart keeps fluttering for you; my mind keeps wandering at you. My eyes keep looking for you and my hand keeps searching for you.
  • My longings for you will never go down; my love for you will never go around. My feelings for you will always be true, and boy, trust me I will always love you!!
  • You handle me most delicately, you love me a lot and blindly. Your care and concern for me is motherly and you are the one I want badly.

[notice noticeType=”attention” ]I would never stop thinking about you, I would never stop running after you. I would never stop caring for you and I would never stop bugging you. I would never stop fighting with you I would never stop nagging you. I would never stop annoying you because I would never stop loving you.[/notice]

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