Sarcastic SMS Messages for Friends

Most bonds of friendship are forged in the grounds of sarcastic and inside jokes. The twenty-first century kind of friendship is just so odd, although the probability of building friendship is quite low, because it takes a humor (dark or not) to stop being strangers with someone. Sarcastic SMS messages serves as medium for sarcastic comebacks or greetings. If you’re one of the friend who makes ground-swallow-me-now jokes, then here are sample messages, in the form of sarcasm, to enjoy a good laugh with your buddies.

Some of these messages are not very general which means you are at full liberty to change some things in them if you feel like it or if you see the necessity in doing so. In composing these messages be sure to use phrases or sentences with the absence of profanities and sarcasm because the best jokes do not need any of them.

  • Good morning, my dearest Johnny friend, let me just remind you what an accursed family you have there. I feel your family, I really do. I mean what deeds have been committed by your parents that angered the gods so much that they let your mother bore the most worthless bag of nothing? I pity your mother and father.
  • Hey, I just came to realize that this friendship of ours is a total waste of investment. You, who have been, for long as I can remember, the best of friend is absolutely the worst in the aspects of living yet I choose to invest on you because nothing more is heartbreaking than two twisted minds sailing the seas of life like us.
  • I bought you starbucks white chocolate mocha for today to make you feel special because everyone knows you’re everything but special and your mom knows that. You really are nothing special quite frankly so take this special gift now from your very special friend, me!
  • They said that best friends should be our anchor in moments of our great achievements to keep our feet on the ground. For all I know, you come in the shape of weightless anchor for you have hyped me up to my obsession’s content, and I just hate you for that because I have to be thankful for being wonderful and all. Enjoy your day, accursed son of Aphrodite’s opposite.
  • Your mom told me to take care of myself and never have I ever heard your mom told you that. I take it your mother is crushing on me or she is desperate to have a son who’s greatness is similar to mine. Having all this said, I bet you  a thousand dollar I’m the most gorgeous creature in the earth that the biological son himself blurs in my obvious significance.
  • True friends are meant to help you in times of mild accidents. Do you ever consider me as that kind of friend? I mean you fell off a ladder one time and never have I ever laughed the loudest in my entire life, but, surely, I was there to help you out after giggling like the fool that I am and, yet still, I giggle every time I remember that event. I hereby declare that I am the truest friend you have in your keeping so be proud about me.

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