Valentine’s Day SMS Messages

Valentine’s Day is a beautiful day for the lovers to express their love to each other.

On this day, Valentine’s Day SMS messages are sent and exchanged between the lovers, couples or friends.

These are the love-filled messages that a sender sends to his counterpart to shower his or her love. The messages are framed with the romantic feelings to be sent on Valentine’s Day.

Sample Valentine’s Day SMS Messages

[blockquote]I am so happy that this Valentine I have got this opportunity to shine. Promise me that you will always me mine, I will love you with best of my love all the time. Happy Valentines.[/blockquote]

  • On this Valentine’s Day, I am sending you my immense love on your way. This message is especially for you, it reaches to say – I love you.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]I feel so glad that I have found you. I love you in a way that is so pure and true. On this Valentine’s Day, I promise to love you in the way so fresh and new. I love you and I am crazy for you.[/notice]
  • I am thinking of you all this while. I am thinking of your pretty face and that lovely smile. Happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart, promise me that we will never be apart.

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