Apologise Messages for Wife

Apologise messages for wife is the sweetest way to say sorry to your beloved better half. These messages are the best way to express the regret to your wife for all the miscommunication, misunderstanding or for all the trivial fights. The messages can wipe off all the fights amongst the couple to bring back the love and unity amongst them. One can bring their lady love back to their life with the help of these loving and soothing messages.

The tone and language of the messages must be casual and these messages can be delivered with the help of a sms, email or card.

Sample Apologise Messages for Wife

  • Forgiveness is one of the major reasons which compelled me to fall in love with you before I made up my mind to marry you. Please forgive me once again to prove that my decision behind selecting you was not wrong. You have always been the one I loved and admired and to continue this beautiful bond and relationship, I sincerely apologize to you. I am sorry Darling, please accept my apologies.

[notice noticeType=”alert” ]You have always been strongly bearing with all my mistakes that have always made me feel that women are far stronger and mentally mature than men. Once again forgive me and prove that you are far better than me. I am really sorry for all the silly mistakes I did. Love you darling, please forgive me.[/notice]

  • Most of the time we fight most with someone who is very close to the heart. All my fights have the immense love and deep appreciation for my beloved wife. Forgive me and accept me with all my faults and troubles.

[notice noticeType=”attention” ]My intentions were never to hurt you, but the ignorance I showed is unacceptable. I am sorry honey, please forgive me for all the stupidity I have done today.[/notice]

  • I never meant to bring any kind of pain and I promise I will never do it again. Please forgive me sweetheart.
  • Hurting you was never my intention, seeing you in pain will never bring happiness to me at any moment. Accept my apologies and run back in my arm because this life is nothing without having you around.

[blockquote]All the tears that have fallen today from your eyes are the result of my ignorance and stupidity. I am sorry sweetheart and trust me I will make sure that now no precious tears from your eyes would be wasted on any of these fights.[/blockquote]

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