Emotional Sorry Messages to Girlfriend

Emotional sorry messages to girlfriend are the messages that are sent by a sender to his girlfriend to apologize for an act, emotionally.

These messages must be framed in a polite and an emotional manner to say sorry to your girlfriend.

Sample Emotional Sorry Messages to Girlfriend

  • If only I could bring back things to what it was before I would have done it at any cost. But as of now as nothing is in my hands and I can only say sorry to you my dear.
  • You are the angel in my life but out of my stupidity I have hurt you a lot. I really want to say sorry to you from the bottom of my heart for what I did to you. Please forgive me and take me back into your life.
  • I am feeling so sorry for misbehaving with you and committed the biggest blunders of my life. Please forgive me once and I promise not to repeat it again.
  • While I cannot reverse my bad behavior towards you I can only seek your forgiveness and hope you will forgive me and give me a chance to prove my love for you.
  • I know I am such a horrible person that I have hurt a noble person like you. I just want to say sorry and request you to come back into my life.
  • I know that I do not deserve a second chance but I only want to say sorry to you as I cannot live without you my dear.

[blockquote]Our future hangs on this apology message. I promise you that I will never hurt you again. I am sorry from the bottom of my heart, I do love you my sweetheart![/blockquote]

  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]I am really sorry for what all I have done. You are the only one, whom I love. Please forgive me for the one last time.[/notice]
  • I am sending you this message to apologize. I will never break your heart again and will make your trust rise. Please forgive me and be mine.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]Darling, I am really sorry for breaking you heart. I can’t live without you and I never want to be apart. Please give me one last chance. I am sorry![/notice]
  • I am so much in love with you. I know my mistakes are not few. But trust me that I love you. Please forgive me, I am really sorry!
  • I wish I could undo what I did to you. I am sorry and I really love you.

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