Emotional Sorry Messages

It is natural enough for human beings to commit mistakes, but realizing them and devising ways to mend them is equally important.

One must always apologize for his/ her mistake, whatsoever big or small it might be, and the simple yet best way to do so is by saying a genuine “Sorry”.

Emotional sorry messages are meant to portray the exact feelings that come out of your heart when you actually want to ask for forgiveness.

Sample Emotional Sorry Messages

  • Please forgive me for what I did last night. I did not mean to hurt you. I am sorry from the bottom of my heart and I will never do this again. I am sorry.
  • I know I have hurt you and I am sorry form the core of my heart. I will do anything possible to make things right, just give me one last chance. I lost my temper and shouted on you when I knew it was not your fault.
  • The last three years have been the best part of my life. Please do not let things fall apart. I know I am wrong and I promise to rectify myself. Please forgive me. I am truly sorry.
  • Certain things are not in your control. I did not hurt you intentionally and I wish I could turn back and make things like before. Please understand and forgive me.
  • I know it is not easy for you to forgive me for what I have done. But you have always been the pole of our relationship and have always forgiven me and made things better. Please forgive me one last time.
  • I am sorry that I walked into your life.

I am sorry that I broke your trust.

I am sorry that I made you cry

And I am sorry that I could not keep you happy.

But I am not sorry that I cannot live without you

And I can’t stop loving you.

Forgive me if you can.

[blockquote]My heart seriously aches to think of the moment when my stupid and angry words pulled out tears from your angelic eyes. I can go up to any extent to rub off those rude memories and make you realize that I am truly very sorry for my misdeeds.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]I had no intentions of disrespecting you the way it happened today. I can’t but help of thinking how to reduce this distance that my act has created today. I am really very sorry and beg for your forgiveness.[/blockquote]

  • The only way I could think of for winning back your trust in me was by saying three true words – “I am sorry”. Please forgive me if you can.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]I apologize for my wrong behavior. I really mean it when I say that I am sorry. Please give me a chance to mend our relationship.[/notice]
  • Only a Satan like me could have hurt you so badly. I don’t mind saying you sorry a hundred times even.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]If only I could take back those harsh words, I would have done it at this very instant. I am really sorry for whatever I said and did today.[/notice]

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