Funny Sorry Messages for Friends

Funny sorry messages for friends are those messages that are sent to friends to apologize for a mistake and that too in a funny manner. These sorry messages have a tone of humor attached to them and will surely bring a smile on the face of your friend. These fun filled messages initiate a light hearted equation between the two friends.

Some samples of these messages are given below.

Sample Funny Sorry Messages for Friends

  • You are given two options! Either forget everything or give me a big smile! Else, I will break all your teeth! I am sorry buddy, forgive me and smile!
  • I was thinking to transplant my brain with yours to get to know from where you get ideas to keep yourself busy without me, because I hardly can! Miss you tons, I am sorry!

[notice noticeType=”info” ]I am not such a person that you can avoid, energy can never be created nor be destroyed! There is no fun even in studying without you! I am sorry, let’s get along again![/notice]

  • While I was going for shopping, I suddenly realized that you are not with me. I miss you, please come back else who will carry my shopping bags! I am sorry!

[blockquote]I had a friend, who looks damn cute while dancing, damn smart while writing, damn intelligent while talking, damn stylish while driving and damn funny while smiling! You are damn funny! Let’s forget the fight! I am sorry!Roses are red, sky is blue, let’s forget the fight, and begin the fun too! Missing your stupid jokes and you, Let the past go and begin it new! I am sorry! Forgive me![/blockquote]

  • Knock! Knock! Open the door! Here are the builders to start building a bridge to fill the gaps between me and you! I am sorry, let’s bridge all gaps and get back together!

[notice noticeType=”alert” ]I feel so sorry, from deep inside my heart, for all those people who have to bear you and I again wish to be one of those! Just kidding! I am so sorry![/notice]

  • Pizza delivery! Here comes a pizza delivery filled of love, care and trust, called “for you! It’s delicious when you eat together! Can I join you? I am sorry!
  • There is a movie releasing this weekend called ‘you and me’. Do you want to go for it with me? You definitely will like it! It’s a big hit! I am sorry!

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