Funny Sorry Text Messages

Funny sorry text messages are those kinds of messages which are written by a person to say sorry to another person but in a funny way.  These messages are sent by the means of SMS or text and should genuinely have the emotion or feeling of expressing apology. But at the same time, these messages should be able to tickle the funny bone of the recipient.

A few examples of funny sorry text messages have been provided below and can be used by anyone for the purpose of reference.

Sample Funny Sorry Text Messages

  • Dear friend, I know I always irritate you, disturb you and tease you. But I also know that I do so only because you are my dearest friend and you won’t mind anything I say to you. But still, if you feel bad, please forgive me and accept my apology.

[blockquote]Sisters are meant to tease and are born so that brothers can irritate them anytime they wish. So you are doing  just fine as a sister and fulfilling your duties in the right way. Sorry for the inconvenience but let me tell you that I won’t stop as this is my birth right.[/blockquote]

  • I ask for your forgiveness dear friend, I wish to say sorry;

I will never hurt you again, you don’t have to worry.

But remember that I lie a lot and am coming behind you, so please hurry.

  • When I hurt you, when I lie to you and when I caused you pain, remember that it is only you who has the luck of experiencing these things due to me. So consider yourself fortunate but also forgive me if I go overboard sometimes.

[blockquote]When sometimes in life, you feel hurt and in pain,

Remember that God has planned it all so that you realize the importance of feeling un-hurt and not in pain. So consider me a messiah from the almighty who has been sent to irritate you so that you appreciate life even more. Please forgive me.

My life would be incomplete if one day passed without me irritating you.  So I am really sorry but can’t help but disturb you whenever I can find the opportunity.[/blockquote]

[notice noticeType=”alert” ]I am sorry for all those times when I unknowingly made mistakes. Please forgive me but I was only fulfilling my duties and responsibility towards the ‘Irritating people group’.[/notice]

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