I Am So Sorry Text Messages

I am so sorry text messages are those messages that are sent to near and dear ones with the motive of seeking apology. One can send such a message after a fight or an argument. These messages work like a magic wand and help in winning hearts. These messages should have a remorseful tone and must be filled with sincere feelings.

Sample I Am So Sorry Text Messages

  • Misunderstandings led to breaking up of stronger bonds and relationships. Let’s throw them out and start a fresh. I am so sorry from deep inside my heart.
  • With every single tear dropped from your eyes, my heart beats increases. You are really special for me. I am so sorry. I never meant to hurt you.
  • I always wanted to gift you the stars and the moons from the sky. But anger took me nowhere and I shouted on you! I am so sorry for whatever I did. I am sorry please accept, my apology.

[notice noticeType=”attention” ]You are my heart, you are my soul! You are my silver, you are my gold! I accept my mistake that my words were too cold. Now I will speak up the words that are still untold! I am so sorry![/notice]

[blockquote]They say “sorry” is a magical word and can cancel even the greatest wars. So, putting aside all my egos and attitudes, I ask you to forgive me, as it’s hard to live without you! I am so sorry![/blockquote]

  • I fought with you over a petty thing. And you know that thing is not even worth it, when you are not near. There is fun in absolutely nothing without you! Miss you, I am so sorry please come back!
  • I know we fight as frequent as sunrise and this time it was of a huge size. But now I have realized that what matter to me most is your smile. I am so sorry from my heart please forgive me.
  • As the glass misses the window pane, I miss you as the dessert misses the rain. I am so sorry! Please forget everything and forgive me!

[notice noticeType=”approved” ]I know I hurt your feelings, I know I was miserable at my words. I know I was being selfish. I know I broke your heart. But it was not at all intended by me. I am so sorry; I will never do that again.[/notice]

  • The only thing I want to say is “Sorry” and this time I really mean it! Please forgive me for the last time. I am so sorry.

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