I Am Sorry Messages for Friends

I am sorry messages for friends are those messages that are sent to friends in order apologize from them for a mistake. These messages works like a rescue tool for those who wants to take the initiatives to get their friend back and solve the problem between them. These messages must be drafted using heartfelt words and apology.

I am Sorry Messages for Friends

Sample I Am Sorry Messages for Friends

[blockquote]I am aware of the fact that only saying sorry will never heal the wounds that I gave you with my words. Still, I am sending you kiss and hug to make you feel better. Don’t get me wrong, I am really ashamed of my behavior. I am sorry Friend. There is no fun in anything without you.[/blockquote]

  • We get almost every relationship by birth and even the marriages are made in heaven. Let’s not spoil the perfect bond we have because of some silly mistakes! I am sorry! Let’s be friends again!
  • Here I m sending you a teddy bear to give you a big hug from my side. Hug it tight and forget all that happened between us. I am sorry about what ever happened.
  • Life seems so empty without you. I hardly smile when you are not there. Let’s shake hands and begin the fun again. I am sorry, I miss you a lot.

[blockquote]Friendship is a ship that sails on the sea of love, understanding and trust. Storms and thunderstorms resulted in sinking of our ship. But, I don’t want to lose you, so let’s use the remained planks to reach the shore and re-built it together, this time with strong iron. Miss you friend. I am sorry![/blockquote]

[notice noticeType=”attention” ]People will come in your life and many of them will go. Many of them will leave forever. However, a true friend will always be a call away! I am sorry, forget all return and return to me, it’s a call![/notice]

  • One magical word that helps you to ‘undo’ all the past mistakes and ‘restart’ the most beautiful part of life all over again is “sorry”! So here take my apology and let’s be friends again and start a fresh! I am sorry buddy!
  • My phone is feeling low as it had not got any text or call from your side. And my heart is paining as it had not got any hugs from you! I am sorry friend!

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