I am Sorry Messages for Her

When you are facing those difficult times in a relationship and you feel just few correct words can save you on the line; think of apologizing with well crafted ‘I’m sorry’ messages. Here are some I am sorry messages for her that will not only make her feel your guilt but also clear out all the bitterness and make things happy and merry as before. Choose the apt one that fits into your situation and convey it to her and bring an end to your trifle-

Sample I am sorry messages for her

  • I apologize for what I said and for what I did. I am really sorry. Please forgive me.
  • I know I have hurt and you know I did not actually mean it. Please forgive me…my love.
  • I am sorry for all that I said to you. Please forgive me.
  • I never really meant to hurt you and I repent it so much. I am sorry for lying…sweetie. Please talk to me and do not give me such a harsh punishment.
  • I am so sorry for all the mistakes I have done. I never thought that I am doing wrong in spite of you making me understand about it. Sorry!
  • Is there something more I can do than apart from apologizing? I am sorry and I really am.
  • I am missing you so much. Please forgive me and come back to me. I am so sorry.
  • Hey honey…I am missing you do much and I know even you are missing me. So why don’t we just end the matter and meet up. I am really sorry!
  • I feel I am the most fortunate guy to have you in my world and I just can’t afford to lose you. Please forgive as I am really sorry and I am missing every single moment.
  • It is a new day

So let’s start afresh

I need you as much as

You need me…please please come back to me. I am sorry!

  • Lets us forget everything and start our new lives together. I am sorry…my dear gal…Please come back as I can’t think of a single moment without you.
  • I know I should not have done that. But I was drunk and you know that. Please talk to me and take my calls as I am really sorry and I am missing so much.

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