I am Sorry Messages for Husband

When you are married and living under the same roof; some issues can come up that will create arguments and confrontations – do not get ruled by your ego and end up things in disparity. Rather gear up and share these I am sorry messages for husband and see how positivity creeps in the whole matter.

These words are carefully chosen to make your husband feel special and honored; also keeping in mind your self esteem. Choose the apt one and convey him through a card, text message, with a small gift or personally –

Sample I am sorry messages for husband

  • I am really sorry for leaving the house at the middle of the house by not even informing you. I know you were worried and you anger is justified. But I had to go to meet her in the hospital and I left my phone in the car.
  • I know my words were harsh and I should not have shouted on you. Please forgive me and come back home. I am so sorry for everything.
  • The day you proposed I thought I would be the luckiest wife and I am so. I am sorry for putting you in so much trouble.
  • You are my world but at times I lose control over my temper. Please listen to what I have to say and please take my calls. Sorry!
  • I thank God for making me your wife but I guess I am not good enough for you. Please will you forgive once and start loving again.
  • I consider myself the luckiest for having you as my husband and I am really sorry for what I said that day. Sorry and please forgive me…my dear husband.
  • You have given me the best moments of my life and I really feel guilty of what I have done. I am so sorry and I love you a lot. Please do not ignore me and be the way you are.
  • My heart wrenches thinking of what you must have gone through after I did. I am really sorry for that and I am not going to do it ever again. Please forgive me and be mine again.
  • I have made your favorite dishes for dinner tonight and I know you know how much I love you. So accept my apology and say that you love me too.
  • Dear (name)…I am so sorry. Just come back to me as I need you as much I need oxygen.

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