Sorry Facebook Images/Bumper Stickers, Messages

If your acts or words have hurt your near and dear ones then facing them and saying sorry is one of the most difficult thing. Thus in such times one can send sorry messages through SMS, Facebook, mail , bumper stickers and other means.

These types of messages must be framed in such a manner so that they convey your apology in a heartfelt manner.

With the modern technology and the increasing popularity of mobile phones and the internet, saying sorry has become easier.

The innovative images and messages make it easier to convey your heartfelt apology and to make the other person know it instantly that how much you are feeling sorry.

The Facebook messages are one of the perfect way to let your dear one know that how bad you are feeling for your act or words and when these messages are sent along with images it becomes even more meaningful and impactful.

One can also convey their apology through bumper stickers that can be placed on any flat surface. These stickers can contain the messages as well as images to convey your apology.

The sorry Facebook images, messages and bumper sticker images mentioned below can be used for sending sorry messages to your near and dear ones.

Forgive Me:

forgive me


Come Back:

Come Back







I am Really Sorry:

I am Really Sorry

I am So Sorry:

I am so sorry

I Am Sorry:

i am sorry


I am Sorry:



Please Forgive Me:

Please Forgive me

So Sorry:

so sorry



sorry i am


Sorry image:

sorry image


Sorry Message:

sorry message


Sorry To:

sorry to





I’m Sorry:

i'm sorry


Sorry Image:


Sorry Images:


Sorry image:


Sorry Message:


Sorry Message:


Sorry Messages:


Trust Me:






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