Sorry Messages for Colleagues

We develop a very close relation with the people with whom we work the most i.e. the colleagues. In the course of time, it may happen we would have a difference of opinion.

This, along with other factors, may lead to a very grave situation and degenerate the relation between the peers. Amongst colleagues, ego is also extremely prevalent which damages relationships beyond repair.

So if you have committed a mistake, put aside your ego and send a sorry message to your colleague. It might improve the relation between you two.

Sample Sorry Messages for Colleagues

[blockquote]It is not my nature to be rude to my peers and colleagues. But due to some pre-occupation I was rather disturbed and failed to behave professionally. I hope you will forgive this irresponsible behaviour of mine.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]Human beings are not devoid of flaws and I am no exception. I admit that because of my lackadaisical approach towards our project has invited a lot of problems in our way. But I am trying to mend my ways and I promise we would submit the job entrusted to us in the given deadline.[/blockquote]

  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]I send out apologies from the bottom of my heart for the ugly and profane language I had used against you. I promise such incidents would never happen again.[/notice]
  • Please accept my apologies and pardon my unacceptable work performance that has brought discredit to our whole team. I am trying my level best and seriously believe that our performance would definitely improve in the coming presentation.

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