Sorry Messages for Her

Sorry messages for her are the messages that are written for a special girl in someone’s life. These messages are specially generated for clearing out all the misunderstanding between couples after a fight. These messages are capable enough of winning the hearts and reuniting the couples. This messages works like magic wand and brings someone’s lady love back to them.

Sorry Messages for Her

Sample Sorry Messages for Her

[notice noticeType=”info” ]Just like to the most beautiful rose in my garden, I use to water the plant of our relationship with the water of trust, care and understanding. But unknowingly, I crushed it! I heartily want to re-plant it again. I am sorry for everything lets grow and nourish together again![/notice]

  • I can accept everything in the world except the tears in your two beautiful eyes! Please don’t cry as I am sorry and I mean it! I will never do it again!
  • My heart aches when I think of the misunderstandings that broke us apart! My soul tremble when I think about the days I spent without you after that! Let’s forget them and gather again the bits of our lovely relationship! I am so sorry!
  • They say saying sorry has just become a word to do wrong and then justifying it! But I believe it’s a word that describes the guilt that I am facing for doing wrong with you! I am so truly sorry! Forgive me!

[blockquote]Life is too short for anger and stress, let’s live our time happy and together! I am sorry! Tell me what I can do to make things right? I will do anything to gain your apology![/blockquote]

  • Stop taking so much stress otherwise it will cause you pimples! Never cry and have a sleepless night! Else it will cause you wrinkles! Always smile and stay happy and you will gain dimples! Let’s be friends and not complicate it and life will be so simple! I am so sorry; I will never do it again!

[notice noticeType=”attention” ]Every time I see you it reminds me of your lovely smile that makes my heart beat at a faster rate! I know I did wrong and had snatched that smile! But now can do anything to get it back! I deeply apologize! Please forget and give me back that smile![/notice]

  • Let’s forget all the crap! Let’s restart our love rap! Come on with me and give me a clap! Let’s complete our friendship snap!

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