Sorry Messages for Whatsapp

Sorry messages on Whatsapp are sent when you want to apologize personally to someone. These messages should be short and crisp and make the recipient feel that you are genuinely sorry for your words or deed. You can include an image with the message to make it more expressive. Find below a few ideas for saying sorry to your friends, family, colleague or that special someone on Whatsapp. Choose the appropriate one and send it across for mending relationships –

Sample Sorry messages for Whatsapp

  • Sorry is a small word to tell you what I feel right now. Can we please forget the past and start anew?
  • I am sorry I goofed up and I am sorry I did not apologize earlier. Maybe I was vain, maybe I did not want to admit my fault. I am sorry from my heart for all the wrong I did to you. Please forgive me.
  • I know it was my fault, and I know I have hurt you. I know it might be too late but I hope it is not. Please come back. I am so, so sorry for the way I behaved.
  • Let us not discuss what went wrong. Let us just accept that something wasn’t right, but our understanding of each other is strong enough to put this behind us. Let us meet for dinner and make up.
  • I am sorry I could not make it to the luncheon yesterday. I know you had put in a lot of pains to make it such a success, and believe me the loss is mine to not have attended it. Please allow me to take you to lunch on Saturday and let me enjoy your company.
  • Sometimes saying sorry might be just the way to try mending a broken relationship. I’m sorry, can we be friends again?
  • Saying sorry doesn’t necessarily mean you are wrong. It could be your way to say I do not care who was wrong but I want us to be friends again nonetheless.
  • I’m sorry for what my parents did in the event – if you give me a second chance I shall surely try and convince my parents to mend issues with yours.
  • I did not want to lose my friend in the time that you take to decide who was at fault. Whoever it was – let us forget the abuse and grievance and start a new beginning. I’m sorry!

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