Sorry Messages from the Regretful Hearts

Handing sorry messages to persons whom we have quarreled with is one way of putting the heated grudge die down. Although it is really chokes us to swallow our pride, we have to state our apologies for starting the fire and possibly fueling it without our knowledge. This type of message helps you realize that there is so much gain in mending the ties of broken trust and friendship than losing someone who has helped you many a time in sheer struggles.

The messages you find below are sample sorry messages which will do you many benefits by reconnecting with people whom you think are forever lost in your circles. Since the degree of feelings from the circumstances differs by each individual, you may rephrase and rewords which are offered in this article. In composing this type of message it must be important that the tone should be sincere and apologetic instead of inspiring guilt to the reader.

  • Hello, Giovanni, I know that I have messed up big time and I have realized that the fault was mine along which has caused a chasm in our friendship. I have been very regretful about this issue that I could not sleep at night thinking that I meant to cause trouble over you. Through this letter I would want to offer you my most sincere apology because I wish your heart will no longer be filled with grudge over me or guilt from the destruction of our friendship. The chasm I caused is far too much for this sorry to fix but if given the chance to re establish a new bond of friendship, I will do whatever I can to compensate my faults.


  • Good morning, Natasha, it was hard for me to not find the good in the good morning when you were absent at my side. I have decided to finally communicate with you for I have happily realized that pride is worth losing than you as my best friend. The uniqueness of this friendship of ours is priceless and there is no way in this world that I’ll trade it for anything no matter the graveness of the circumstances. Please accept my apology and that I may make you happy again with the bad delivery of my jokes.


  • Hey, best buddy, I am really sorry about last night that I raised a fist and had it directed towards you. I am completely oblivious to the fact with regards to what came across my mind, but the transparency of my regret is far too much that everyone watching me can see it radiating through me. Losing pride will be a gain just to have you back ¬†as my best friend. I am just so sad that I have hurt my best buddy physically which has affected you mentally. May you have the heart to consider my apology.


  • Last night I couldn’t get a wink of sleep from thinking what caused our quarrel and then it hit me hard that it was only for a Starbucks treat. I am truly embarrassed to admit that for a petty reason our relationship is on the verge of ending. I will treat you everyday a cup of coffee from Starbucks just to have your heart beating for me again. I would rather treat you Starbucks on a daily basis than losing someone who is caffeine to my sleepy soul.


  • Hello, darling, I knew that going out with the boys last night already causes you troubled with worry for both my health and my safety, but I went with them anyway without your consent. I am deeply sorry for causing your dear heart some worries. You not talking to me is an act which breaks my fragile heart into smithereens and I don’t want this to continue. Please accept my apology not because I would have to sleep again in the couch tonight but because I want to sleep peaceful and I can only do so when I lay my head next to yours.


  • To the man whom I adore the most, please accept my deepest apology for testing your thinning patience. I am regretful and have been regretting my actions from the minute you started being quiet. I know that I have crossed the line and truly wish that I haven’t because you not replying to my messages is heartbreaking. I am so sorry for being a cumbersome brat, please reply to my messages so that I know you’re okay and that we can settle this issue for I am very much ready to compromise.


  • Hey, Daniel, I’m so sorry for forcing you to smoke some cigarettes for this is the reason as to why you are now admitted to the hospital. I never knew that you have juvenile hypertension, my conscience is one reason why I am now sleep deprived for this guilt that I’m feeling is just too much. I really don’t know what to do for my mind is fumbling for an answer regarding what to do to speed up your recovery. If there is but one way to compensate my action I will gladly do it.


  • Hi, Athenea, I know that you have always trusted me with personal information as you know I always keep it between you and I. Yesterday was different. I would like to apologize for letting your dad know about the situation where you are currently at. All I wanted is for you to be understood by the people who matters to you and for them not to jump into conclusions. Apologies for not considering what you’ll feel.


  • To the friend whom I treasure the most, it has been a while since we last talked. I’m sorry for not being able to explain my side appropriately when we had a big misunderstanding. Leaving and being silent rather than arguing with you is the best option that I thought I have during those times. You may not understand where I am coming from, but I still want to send you my deepest and sincerest apologies as I know I’ve hurt you a lot.

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