Sorry SMS Messages for Friend

Sorry SMS messages for friend are the apology messages that are sent to a friend through a mobile SMS. These types of messages are sent when a friend has hurt another with their words or action and wish to seek their apology.  These sorry SMS messages have an apologetic tone and must be written heartfelt words.

Given below are some samples of these sorry SMS messages for friend, for your reference.

Sample Sorry SMS Messages for Friend

[blockquote]You are my best buddy who has always been helping and supporting me in each and every walk of life. Will you not forgive me today, to carry on the beautiful friendship that has always existed between two of us. I am sorry friend.[/blockquote]

  • I know I have hurt you with my stupid actions but by not forgiving me you will hurt me even more. So please save your friend from that trouble by forgiving him. Sorry Pal!

[notice noticeType=”attention” ]By hurting my best buddy I have actually hurt myself. By insulting you I have actually insulted the beautiful friendship that has always existed between us. By humiliating you I have actually humiliated my own self respect and by fighting with you I have actually last my best friend. Please forgive me and let’s be friend again.[/notice]

  • Please forgive me for all my mistakes as I did not mean to hurt you and it just happened. I am extremely sorry buddy and promise that it will never repeat again.
  • I have never ignored you in my life as no one can ignore and keep their shadow away from them. You are my motivation and inspiration, you are my amusement and stimulation, and you are my encouragement and excitement as you are my best pal who is just outstanding. Forgive me friend.
  • All my life will go in vein if you do not forgive me as I will always be in grave pain. You are my friend who has always supported me, forgive me this time and I assure you it will not happen again. I am sorry friend.

[blockquote]You will forgive me because you cannot remain for a long time without fighting with me. Sorry buddy.[/blockquote]

  • Hey friend if only I could change what has already happened I would. But since I can’t do it I want to ask for an apology and hope that you will forgive and take me back as your friend.

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