Sorry SMS Messages for Girlfriend

Sorry SMS messages for girlfriend are the messages of apologies sent to one’s girlfriend by a boyfriend. With little efforts one can create a romantic and touching apologies message. Reason behind asking the apologies could be silly fights, forgetting any important day or the interference of someone else in the relationship. Dig some emotional and touching thoughts to let the heart of the girlfriend melt with forgiveness. Sorry SMS for girlfriends can become a strongest medium on getting the forgiveness from the girl of one’s life.

Some samples of these messages are given below.

Sample Sorry SMS Messages for Girlfriend

[notice noticeType=”attention” ]Sending you loads of love with all the beautiful vows and promises to ask for your forgiveness by expressing my deepest apologies. I am sorry darling, open up your huge heart and forgive me this time![/notice]

  • I am ready to do anything to make up to you because all my feelings and love of my heart very much true. Please understand my situation and forgive me this time, will try not to repeat it in future.
  • Hurting you was not the right thing I did, but you know I am stupid so please forgive. Nurturing a relationship demands loads of care and understanding so show up your big heart and accept my apologies. I am sorry.
  • Sometimes I could behave like a looser, but you know that I still remain your lover. Sometimes I take silly and stupid decisions but you know that’s not my true intention. So please forgive me one more time baby. As without you the world around me looks lifeless and hazy. Sorry love!!
  • I was really mad to hurt you so bad, it was really hasty for behaving so stupid and being so pushy. Forgive all my brainless carelessness and stay with me to bring laughter to this horrifying calmness.

[blockquote]All my apologies are genuine as my love for you is pure and chaste. I accept all my mistakes please forgive me sweetie and come back to me again.[/blockquote]

  • Without you I am disheartened and saddened. Without you I am unhappy and troubles. Without you I am dissatisfied and bothered and without you I am useless and hurried. Come back darling to make everything alright, I am really SORRY girl!!

[notice noticeType=”attention” ]I am sorry comes straight from my heart and I hope it reaches your heart straight as well.[/notice]

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