Sorry SMS Messages for Lover

Sorry SMS messages for lover are the apologies sent to the love of one’s life. A sweet apology could easily wipe off all the anger and bitterness from any relationship. Choose the most romantic I am sorry SMS, to make the heart of your love, melt quickly and swiftly. These sorry SMS messages can immediately bring a smile on the face of any angry lover. To make a stronger relationship one can always make use of apologies and forgiveness.

Some samples of sorry SMS messages for lover are given below for reference.

Sample Sorry SMS Messages for Lover

  • You are the handsome guy in the world and I cannot resist my jealousy, which push me to look your personal accounts and SMS’s. I am sorry Baby, will not do it again.
  • Every beat of my heart is saying sorry to you and all I wish to get is the forgiveness from you. You are my love and life, Please stay with me and forgive my stupidity.

[notice noticeType=”info” ]The pain caused to you is unintentionally as you are my heart and no one can stab his own heart. I am sorry for everything that I did unknowingly.[/notice]

  • All I wish is to be hugged again all I want is to be with you again. All I want is to say sorry to you all I want is to get forgiveness from you. Sorry Love!!
  • I am really sorry sweetheart as the pain caused to you was accidental. I assure you that such things would never be repeated in future. I am always yours and I am sure you will forgive the stupidity of your love.

[blockquote]Seeing your face after forgiving me is the cutest thing I have seen in the entire world, and if you do not agree with me, forgive me this time and see your cute face in my sorry filled eyes. I am sorry Love.[/blockquote]

  • You know my poetic skills are pretty bad, or else you would have received a romantic apology poem instead of this simple note. But till I sharpen my writing skills, manage with this simple note ‘I AM SORRY’.

[notice noticeType=”alert” ]The Three things which make you the best lover in this entire world are your charm, care and forgiveness. To maintain that best lover position in this world, you need to forgive me again. Sorry love, please forgive me.[/notice]

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