Sorry Text Messages for Friend

Friendship is a relation that calls for all sentiments – be it love, arguments, conflicts, tantrums, and then again resolving terms. Often we hurt our dearest and nearest ones with our words and acts.  However, there is a far greater chance of being forgiven by the person if sincerely apologized. Sorry text messages for friend should be written with the best choice of words that should express your deeply felt guilt and apologize for your act.

These messages can be conveyed with a token of love, through text messages or via social networking sites – but whichever way you choose make sure to make your friend feel his / her worth and significance and also explain how ‘sorry’ you are for the deed. Here are some great ways to apologize for our mistakes.

Sample Sorry Text Messages for Friend

  • Would it help if I just said that I am sorry? Do I need to compensate for what I did? Although I cannot undo it I know that I am absolutely ready to do what it takes to do away with what I have done. I am sorry, please forgive me.
  • Let us just put what ever happened behind us and move on as friends, for that is the most important thing to me. I never meant to hurt you and I am sorry that I did.
  • Would it be okay if I said that I would slave under you till you forgive me? Just for the record, yes, I am indeed trying to be funny hoping that you would smile, but not take up on the offer. I am sorry.
  • I am sorry and I wish I could say that you can hurt me equally bad as you have been hurt. However, that will not help in taking your hurt away now will it? So I ask you to share with me how much you have been hurt so that you feel relieved and I can beat the person responsible into a pulp. Oh wait! That would be me.
  • I will not ask for you to forgive me for I know you will eventually, but meanwhile know that I am sorry and I do not want to lose you at any cost. You can write this slip of mine in your ledger and get back at me in your own sweet time if you want. I promise I forgive you for that already.
  • I am sorry would just be three words to express what is going inside me. I wish I could explain my situation for which I reacted so negatively last day. Please forgive me my friend!

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