Sorry Text Messages to Wife

Sorry text messages to wife are the best way to express the apologies to one’s loving wife. The tone of these SMS messages should be sincere and heartfelt in order to have the right impact. Some examples of these messages are given below.

Sample Sorry Text Messages to Wife

[notice noticeType=”info” ]Life without you is like a life without color. You bring color to my life, I am very sorry for the mistake made. Please forgive me and bring back colors to my life my dear wife. I am really sorry from the bottom of my heart.[/notice]

  • Before getting married to you, I dint know what is real love. Today I know what love is. Love is you and only you. I apologize for hurting and disappointing you.  I promise you this won’t happen again.
  • You my heart beats. When you do not talk to me, my heart beats stop. It’s only you who keeps me alive. Please forgive me. I am sorry for hurting you baby.
  • I know you are hurting a lot by me. But trust me, it’s more hurting for me that you are being hurt by people like me.  Dear, I am sorry for hurting you.

[blockquote]I don’t know how to begin. My intentions were not to hurt you. Please forgive me. I apologize for everything I did.[/blockquote]

  • When you talk I know everything is good. When you are quiet I know you are sad. But when you are angry I do not know how to face you. I am sorry to hurt you and promise you this won’t happen again. Please talk to me.
  • I know sorry is not enough for what I did. ‘Sorry’ word is very less to apologize for my mistake.  Please forgive me.
  • When you are angry my world goes up and down. It becomes really very difficult for me to manage everything. Your one smile makes my day. But, since the time you are angry with me, everything seems to be dead and finished. Please bring that smile on your face and make my world complete. I am sorry and this won’t repeat again ever.

[notice noticeType=”alert” ]Baby, you are my life. I know what I did is a big mistake which cannot be repaired. But give me a chance and I promise you that it would not repeat again. I love you dear and I am really very very sorry.[/notice]

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