Sweet Sorry SMS Messages

Apologizing for your mistakes can be difficult, but saying sorry in a sweet way may make forgiveness easy.

Here are some sweet sorry messages which when sent with true apologies, can work wonder in getting forgiveness.

Sample Sweet Sorry SMS Messages

  • This is true that I always took you for granted. Actually I know you are the one who love me despite of all my flaws. But trust me I did not had any intention to hurt you honey. I am sorry for everything. Please answer my phone.
  • I wish I could bend on my knees and say sorry. I used to fight with you since I love being pampered by you after such fights. But this time I promise that I will not fight with you anymore. Please talk to me baby.
  • Please give me a second chance. I will never let you down again. I know I broke your heart badly. How will I rectify my faults if you do not give me another chance? I promise to kiss away all your wounds. Please come back.
  • Are you still angry with me? I am ready to say you sorry for thousand times. I will sort out all the misunderstandings. I am begging for one single chance. Won’t you forgive me?
  • I know I misbehaved with you, but now I am repenting. You know how much I love you. See, I am sending you a box of kisses and hugs honey. I am saying sorry with my folded hands. Please forgive me.
  • [blockquote]I know that I hurt you badly, but if you’ll not give me another chance how would I prove that I can make you as happy as you can think of being, how would I tell you that I miss you so much, how would you know that you have changed me completely, and how would you know that I love you so much. Please talk to me and forgive me.[/blockquote]
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]I know sorry is just a word, but when said with feelings it means the world. I am really sorry dear…please forgive me.[/notice]
  • I am sending a flowery sorry with this bunch of fresh flowers. Please forgive me and make my life fragrant. It has become like a dry flower without you. I am really sorry.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]I am feeling so lonely, so guilty, so bad, and so uneasy. Please forgive me and ease my pain. I have realized my mistake and have improved it. Please forgive me, I cannot live like this.[/notice]


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