Why do People Say Sorry a Lot Now a Days?

Why do people say sorry a lot now a days is certainly something all of us are asking at some point in our lives. It seems that the word “sorry” has become a commodity rather than a meaningful attempt to make somebody feel better after you wrong them. So, why do people say sorry so often?

Why do People Say Sorry a Lot Now a Days

Saving face and saying sorry

In many occasions people apologize because it is easier to mend a relationship with an acquaintance, friend or loved one this way. You won’t look bad if you admit you are sorry and generally people tend to accept an apology.

Because it is easier

When facing an unpleasant situation like not getting done a task, forgetting to make homework, being late for an appointment or forgetting an anniversary, it is easy to say sorry. It doesn’t necessarily get you off the hook but it is easier to say it than to actually do what you are supposed to do.

Insincere apology

It is a fact that most of the times people say “I’m sorry” they don’t actually mean it. For example when somebody cheats on their loved one and gets caught, he or she hurries to say sorry. However, if they were not discovered they would not have felt compelled to apologize.

Sorry but…

In many cases people use this expression when trying to say no. They believe that refusing somebody this way will make them feel better especially if “but…” if followed by a reason. Regardless of what you may think, saying sorry this way is very annoying for the person you are trying to say no to.

Avoiding a conflict

In many relationships we enter during our lifetime it happens to say “sorry” just to avoid a fight, avoid making somebody angry or trying to calm down a situation we can’t handle. In this cases “sorry” is used to preserve our comfort and in one way or the other makes things a little better.

Genuine “sorry”

People do say “sorry” a lot nowadays but there are occasions like the death of a loved one, hurting somebody by mistake or doing something wrong without intention when “sorry” becomes part of a genuine apology.

You shouldn’t force it on anyone

“Not until you say you’re sorry” is such a familiar thing we hear during our childhood. Parents should keep in mind that forcing their kids to admit their mistake by saying sorry does not make them regret the fact.

In most of the cases the little ones comply because they are expected to do so but this does not mean they won’t resent being obligated to apologize. This will also get them to the place when they will be part of why do people say sorry a lot now a days.

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