LDS Spiritual Messages

Here are some LDS spiritual messages which teach us many golden things, which when followed in life can change it for good.

Sample LDS Spiritual Messages:

[blockquote]The antidote for selfishness can only be love, and especially the love of God, the lord. Love is so strong that it can overpower the selfishness’s undermining effects. So you must go ahead in life on the path of love and not with the selfishness.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]The lord above gives unconditional and perfect love to each and every one on this earth. And similarly he places a sacred responsibility upon us, as we become parents, to love his choice spirits unconditionally and help them become in life, what the lord knows they can become.[/blockquote]

  • To be happy and to experience eternal happiness, you must think about others before yourself. This way you can overcome selfishness.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]The lord always gives us his divine guidance and all of us were born to follow it. The choice is ours and these choices may bring freedom or addiction.[/notice]
  • The lord tells us not to give up in the difficulties, as if you are laying the foundation of some great work, then you must stay even in the difficult time with his strength.

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