Spiritual Messages for Destitute Children

In a poverty stricken areas in the different regions of earth children have it hard in surviving and are forced into labors which abuses their young bodies. If a question will be raised as to what it is that they hold onto and not give up mostly would answer because God has plans for them and they are willing to endure whatever the trials that lie ahead because the plan of God never fails the satisfaction of individuals. They have an unwavering faith which serves as their talisman for thinking that God never abandons his children.

With the help of spiritual messages dispiriting poor children would be useless for a fixed faith becomes fortified the more they acquire spiritual enlightening messages. If you want to inspire hope to poor children then here are some suggested spiritual messages to help you create a message that would be engraved in their core of their hearts. These messages may be shared by mouth since not all of them can read.

  • The basis of luxury is never measured by earthly riches, it is rather measured by the faith that never wavers.
  • Children are treasures of God, and as the ultimate father of all he never abandons his most prized and treasured sons and daughters.
  • No hardship is too impossible with God by your side.
  • Let a rush of trials come in torrents, and bathe me with words to push me further in the temptations of evil. No such act would ever is strong enough  for my fortified  faith for I know God will hear my prayers which is my redemption.
  • In problems that I may encounter in the near future, God, guide me for I do not want to stray and my desire alone is to fulfill your will.
  • Whatever you do in life let faith be embedded in those acts to let this world corrupted with evil feel the presence of God.

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