Spiritual Messages for Women

Being women, it is our foremost duty to love, respect and revere; love the good, respect the elderly and revere God.

Women are the most precious creation of God who is full of sentiment and kindness.

Generally, women need to struggle throughout her life and in these circumstances, spiritual messages for women give them the courage to shed of all trepidation and apprehension and move forward steadily.

Sample Spiritual Messages for Women

[blockquote]Women being the reason behind every successful man, God created women like you with lot of gratification. You are the reason behind every kind act that happens on this earth. Rise and teach them a lesson who foolishly thinks women to be a burden in their family. Remember, the Almighty is always there to support you and hold your hand as you tend to fall. [/blockquote]

  • God endowed the power to tolerate, accept, suffer, love, share and to generate life to none other than a women. This proves how special a woman is to God and the one who is special to God should be equally respected and loved by the human race. It is a pride in being a women and help to carry on the cycle of life forward and hence leading the world.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]As a women we have the special power of being the ultimate place where a man finds solace, be it in the form of a mother or a daughter or a wife. God has been kind on us and so we should be conceited with this fact.[/notice]

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