Spiritual Messages to Birth Hope for the Hopeless

Spiritual messages are really helpful in giving hope to all those who have lost the only hope they had in the combat of malignant forces in life which affects our will to live the fullest of life. If you know someone who badly needs a shoulder to lean on and is greatly in need of assistance from all his or her troubles then telling her the message will help the individual recover the hope that they have lost and, too, you will be a life saver.

Sample spiritual messages are offered in this article for free so that you, as a messenger of the word of God, can aid those who are lost in their lives. The sample spiritual messages you find below can be rephrased and reworded since circumstances may differ in some degrees. This type of message can be uttered by mouth, sent via sms text message, posted in the timeline of your social media accounts or privately messaged, or written or printed in a card which is the most effective in delivering an positive impact to another person.

  • Just keep on persisting to walk through the dolent path for there is just so much to learn if you widen your perspective. There is no need for you to stop for you have already walked that difficult path which the ending is nothing but the golden feats of living. With God in your heart, he will help you weather the storms that come along the way. Keep the faith in your dreams strong and your faith to God stronger.


  • Learn to be patient in tolerating all the hardships in life for these are only ephemeral. These challenges will help your relationship with God. The more you believe in Him you will notice how everything are easily accomplished. Just keep praying and fortify your faith for He will hear your prayers knowing that this will benefit those who you are close with and yourself.


  • There will always come a time where we think we stand isolated from the joyous events in life by doing the things we like. Times where we question if there really  is someone who can help us from a desecrated state. Answers will never arrive too early and too soon for God knows when the right time is to unravel them for you. Just keep doing what you are doing and know that you are never alone for God is with you all the time.


  • (Name of your friend), I fully know how defeated you re for you have lost someone who is so close to your heart but you must realize that death is natural. The person you lost is someone who gives you hope in the relentless paces of life, yet it doesn’t mean that there will be no more hopes for you will always have Him. He will never abandon you, especially in this state for he hears the sorrow that beats in your heart and He is certainly sympathizing for you. You should be happy instead for God has your friend with him now, and I truly hope the thought of that will help you recover all hopes you had lost.


  • Life can be so hard that you tend to give up all that you have worked so hard for. We stumble on the rocky grounds along the path and think of this as the signs of why we should just let go of the dreams we think are never foolish to start with. Each time you stumble you need only call His name for he will listen and offer you a helping hand so you can be on your feet again. You don’t have to give up on the dreams you love most for God will absolutely assist you in achieving them.


  • The difficulties in life that makes you lose your hopes are the deeds of the devil which needs to be stopped and God fully knows that you are trying to combat this alone and have been impacted negatively from these. Just raise your head, brother, and declare that you are a child of God and that the evil should tremble before you because the almighty Father will always be with you. Amen.


  • From the looks of your soul I can already sense how much hope you have lost and you think that the worth in living what you desire has dissipated. Let me tell you how wrong you are because there will always be hope if you only believe in His greatness. He will never not hear your heartfelt prayers. Your time may be filled with hardships in life and instead of complaining to all of these you should be grateful for He is giving you opportunities to become better in the different aspects of life. In the plans of God, all will proper in time, if you just keep the faith strong and all your desires will fall into place.


  • Our lives can experience the harshest storms which makes us give up and just take away our life for we think that the world does not need our existence. An existence which only gets to live long enough to realize you are unworthy of all the blessings in the world. A train of thought such as this must cease to exist for God has made you with a purpose in this world. Just because you have not realized this purpose yet it does not mean you will never know what your honorable purpose in the world he created. Just believe that he has something big coming for you and you are worthy of the blessings being shared in this world.


  • The saddest moments of our lives makes us want to scream to the top of our lungs and just let the endless anger flow in ways we no longer care about. In the events of this there is something that develops inside us which destroys ourselves and, although we really want to ask someone for help, we just keep it to ourselves since the things we loved most had already been already destroyed and we want to follow by self-destructing ourselves from extreme wrath and hatred. Only God has the power to heal the greatest sorrow consumes the heart from the darkness. He can heal the pain that you are suffering and forgive you for the hatred and wrath you have shown if you ask for forgiveness. God will always be the answer to everything and he will make your life beautiful and worth living for if you pray dearly to Him.


  • You, who have suffered greatly from all the challenges where your courage has led you, persist a little longer for you are close to achieving your dreams and because I can sense the faith in God that is in you despite the dying hope. I am certain that our almighty Father will pay your perseverance a fortune worth more than five lifetimes.

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