Spiritual Messages to Colleagues

Being a colleague, it is my duty towards my other fellow colleagues to boost up their spirits and fill them with indomitable confidence to lead life from the front and for that purpose nothing other than spiritual messages should be used.

So spiritual messages to colleagues when put correctly and rightly used show the friendly as well caring attitudes of colleagues towards each other.

Sample Spiritual Messages to Colleagues

[blockquote]God did not stop after creating earth and he went on creating the various forces of nature. Similarly, we just cannot stop on completion of a job; we need to take the realisation of the entire subject, perform it with utmost precision and not give anyone the slightest of the chance to find faults in the job we did. That is doing the job in the true sense of the term.[/blockquote]

  • Deliver your deeds and surrender to the Almighty and let Him take your responsibility. He will never disappoint you provided you performed the entire job whole-heartedly and with a stoic determination unmoved by any adversities.
  • Being colleagues, it is our primary duty to help each other and pull each other out of any cumbersome situations when needed. God said that helping those in need is the biggest service that is done to mankind. Following this preaching, we should lead a professional life bestowed with fellow- feeling and co-operation.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]You are more of a pal to me than a colleague. I am indeed sorry to find you in a dire state. But, keep faith in yourself and the Almighty. You and your family will soon be out of this calamity.[/notice]

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