Spiritual Messages to Husband

The foremost duty of being a wife is to be the source of the husband’s moral strength, and no one better than God can be the driving force behind a husband who toils all the day hard to earn bread and butter for the family.

Spiritual messages to husband are intended to uplift the morale of the husband.

Sample Spiritual Messages to Husband

[blockquote]God sent a loving and caring husband like you to me as His greatest blessing. As you are suffering crisis in your business now and you seem demoralised by the failure, all I want to say you is not to worry as God is just testing your patience and calibres. Be at peace as God renders hardships only on those whom he trusts more; have faith in God and maintain your calm.[/blockquote]

  • I could not have got a better life partner than you. I am sad to find you in a state of distress regarding the business venture you took. But, trust me that God does not doubt your capabilities and it is just the deep darkness prior to the new ray of hope. So just keep your cool and do your job without thinking about the result.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]God is seeing that you are suffering from ill health for the past few days. Trust me, my dear husband, that just like God is the driving force behind every phenomenon of nature I promise to be the inspiring force behind you. I am sure that these bad days will be gone soon as His blessings are always with us.[/notice]

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