Spiritual Text Messages To Friends

Spiritual text messages to friends are those messages which are spiritual in nature and are written from a friend to another. These messages are meant to convey a thought to a friend which is filled with spirituality and is short and brief in nature.

These messages must be heartfelt and convey the true emotion of the sender in the best possible manner. The following are a few samples of spiritual text messages to friends.

Sample Spiritual Text Messages To Friends

  •  Dear friend, may you be happy in life and be positive. Have a great life.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ] Life may be tough at times but I pray to god that you be strong and peaceful. May life be great for you dear friend. [/notice]
  •  You are my dearest friend and I wish that the almighty shower his blessing on you each day. May he help us to be great friends for life.

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