Spiritual text messages

Spirituality is the key that opens all doors of the heart to lets the presence of God be felt. In our busy lives, we keep increasing the distance between us and the omnipotent. Sending Spiritual messages through text is one of the easiest ways by which one can let others come closer to God. But most of the times it is not possible to find the correct words to convey what we mean. Following are a few examples which might help one.

Sample spiritual text messages:

  • Whenever you fail to understand what is happening in your life and why is it happening to you, just close your eyes and say to God that you know it is all his plan and whatever happens, happens for good.
  • Trust the almighty for all he is asking is for patience and your faith in him. Give him a chance and then see miracles unfold in front of your eyes.
  • Open your door to God and let him guide you through the rough as well as the smooth phases in life.
  • In the race of life, whenever you get hurt, know that it is God who wants you to strive hard to reach the finish line. It is he who is testing you in order to bring about the winning glory.
  • Speak with kindness as God resides inside your heart. Every word you say is a message from you to the world.
  • Place your trust in the almighty and let him decide the course of your life. He knows what is best for you.

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