Spiritual Wedding Messages

Wedding is a ceremony where two souls promise to unite and spend the rest of the life together at peace and in accordance to the likes and dislikes of each other with little commitments and sacrifices and promising to be with each other throughout in good as well as bad times.

Spiritual wedding messages convey wishes for the couple tinged with the blessings of God through some of His valuable preaching.

Sample Spiritual Wedding Messages

[blockquote]God is the admirer and evidence of this lovely wedding between the two soul mates and endows His blessings and prosperity. May the married life be full of positive vibes and joyfulness just as He wanted all the love mates to be. Tred in the moral and humane path that God showed and be happy, just and co-operative.[/blockquote]

  • To God, loving someone is His biggest worship and He loves those the most who stretch the worship to fulfilment in the form of marriage. So the wedding may be the best part and a positive turning point of your life and you two be the most content persons in this world and be each others complementary, furnishing each others qualities and making up for each others faults.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]God has been kind that he has put his hands on your head and the two of you are getting married and settling down offering God an immense satisfaction. As you tread the path of love and togetherness, you make wedding a splendid vent which will be an example for everybody.[/notice]

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