Sympathy Messages for Loss of Close Friend

Friends are the integral part of life for all of us. Loss of a close friend is an awful and a dire shock.

At this point of time sympathy messages are sent to the lost friend’s parents, relatives or siblings to console and comfort them with little sympathies. Such messages are called as sympathy messages for loss of close friend.

Sample Sympathy Messages for Loss of Close Friend

[blockquote]I am deeply saddened and wounded by the sudden and unexpected loss of my closest friend. I think I will not be able to bear this separation. I can understand that nothing would be this painful to you as losing your son. Please accept my deepest sympathies and I am sure that he will get a place in Heaven.[/blockquote]

  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]Alice was more than just a friend to me. Her passing away has created a sad void in our lives which no one can ever fill. To all her family members and relatives, I am sending my heartfelt sympathies to you on such a big loss.[/notice]
  • Henry was one of the best people I ever met. His loss was a dead shock to me and his family. His memories will always remain deep inside our heart. Please accept our purest and deepest sympathies. I will never be able to get a close friend like him ever again.

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