Divorce Sympathy Messages

Divorce sympathy messages are sent to the person in order to express your sympathy on the event of their divorce.

These types of messages must be framed in such a manner so that they show the support and the care of the sender towards the receiver.

Sample Divorce Sympathy Messages

  • Hearing about your separation was thundering news for me; but when mom told me how you suffered in the marriage, I feel you will be relived now! I sympathize on your separation, but earnestly hope that you live with peace from now.
  • Please accept my deep felt sympathy on your divorce; life indeed gets difficult if living with a completely insensitive person;  hope you can plan out your life with better  things  from today.
  • Divorce is indeed unwanted news but if this gives you mental peace and keeps you from pain and agony – I’m there to support you! However, sending across my sympathy!
  • The relation did not work out and you both decided on separation, unfortunate but a hard fact. Please accept my sympathy and good wishes for your future!
  • This marriage was a mistake for you as the past few years proved; it’s good to hear that you have come to a final decision of making life better with correct decisions. Please accept my sympathy for this unfortunate ending.
  • Closing the chapter of married life is very painful as you have many memories weaved into it; but when all of them are bad ones then it’s better to close them soon. I feel sympathetic for you as you decide to move on with life alone.

[blockquote] I can feel that what you must be growing through in these tough times after divorce. All I can say is look upon your children and have a fresh new beginning.[/blockquote]

  •  It was sad to hear about your divorce, but we have to move on in lives. Just have faith and courage and start a new life.
  •  [notice noticeType=”attention” ] I got the news of your divorce and feel sad for the same. Please let me know if I can be of any help to you.[/notice]
  • In these tough times, do not think that you are alone. We all are there with you and are sure to take you out from this trauma of divorce.

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