Personal Sympathy Messages

Sometimes, there are certain undesirable situations which can’t be shared with everyone but just with some personal friends, relatives or any other person.

During this time, personal sympathy messages are sent to a person who is in a need to be consoled and sympathized. Such types of messages are written with deep love and are sent to ease the pain of the reader.

Sample Personal Sympathy Messages

[blockquote]In the loving memory of very special person, please accept my sincerest sympathy for this loss. I do not have words to express the sadness that I feel. Take care and never forget that you are always in my thoughts and prayers.[/blockquote]

  • After the sad demise of your mom, you are not alone. We hold you very close in our hearts and you will forever remain a special person to us. Remember that you are loved and cared by us.
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]I truly understand that how your love has become a memory to you in just few seconds. But dear, do not lose hopes, instead find peace and love in those memories and cherish them in your heart.[/notice]
  • I wish I could find the right words to console you and tell you that I care for you.

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