Sympathy Messages on Accident

Sympathy messages on accident are sent to the person who had accidental injuries, to his/ her family and spouse in order to convey the sympatric phrases & quotes.

Such messages are sent by friends, colleagues and relatives.

Sample Sympathy Messages on Accident:

[blockquote]Uncle Paul told me about your bike accident. I am sorry to hear about your injuries. Please know that we are just a call away for any kind of assistance that you may need. Please take good care of you and we are praying for your speedy recovery.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]May the love and support of friends and family members helps in easing your pain. I can understand how painful it is to recover from such injuries. We all are praying for your good health and speedy recovery. Please get well soon, we are missing you. Take care and we are just a call away from you.[/blockquote]

  • I have always advised you to drive slow and safe. I was shocked to hear about your accident from a friend. May the thoughts and prayers of all of us help you in some way. Please get well soon, we miss you every time and all the day. Take good care of you; we are always there for you.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]Hey Bob, I hope that you are recovering and your heath is getting better day by day. Please know that we all are there for you and are just a call away. Our sympathies are with you, take best care of you.[/notice]
  • Sharing in your sorrows and thinking of you, we are wishing you the speedy recovery!

Hello Tom! Hope you are feeling better now and recovering at fast rate. I cannot express my emotions and compassion in my heart. May God disappears all your accidental injuries and blesses you with good health.  My sympathy is with you. Take care!

  • Recall your memories of friend’s support, comfort, good days to ease your sadness!

Dear Susan! Do not be sad and shattered that you had a bad accident. Fold your hand and thanks to God for gifting you a new life! Our sympathy is with you. In case you need anything, please feel free to cal us. Have a nice day!

  • Our thoughts and Prayers are with you during the painful times!

Good Morning Mrs. Hilton! I hope your health is fine now and your injuries are getting better day by day. I pray for your speedy recovery and good health. You will start walking soon! My sympathy is with you! Take care!

  • I saw you cried, I cried for you,

I saw you hurt, it hurt me back!

Darling Tina! Do not feel lonely in the hospital. I am with you always. I do not have words to express my sympathy, but I have good news that you are recovering at faster rate! Love you and take care of your health

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