Sympathy Messages on Death of Mother

Sympathy messages on death of mother are sent by the colleagues, relatives and friends to the affected person, who had faced his/ her mother’s death.

Such messages are full of sympathetic quotes and phrases expressing compassion.

Sample Sympathy Messages on Death of Mother:

[blockquote]Our thoughts and prayers are with you!
Dear Mr. Smith! I can understand you at this moment. You are shattered with your mother’s untimely death. Do not think that you are all alone. We are with you and always be there to support you. Please accept my sincere sympathy. Take care of yourself.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]Hold light of sweet memories for comfort!
Dear Jenna! Mrs, Alana, was a great lady and wonderful friend of my mine. If you need any help, please do let us know. Whenever you feel lonely, just recall the beautiful memories you shared with your mother. Time will heal your loss slowly. With the deepest sympathy, Lady Sharron![/blockquote]

  • Lean on your friends for strength and always remember how much we care about you!

Hell John! I do not have words to heal your crying heart. I am your best friend, who can understand the pain of your heart. Please do not feel alone and shattered on the death of your mummy. I am always there to support you and pamper you. Please accept my sympathy.

  • She, who has gone, is still living in our memories, potent and cheerful more than a present man!

Hello Eva! I pray to God to give you strength to overcome the sadness of your mother’s death. It’s only God, who, can heal your heart. We all are with you always. Do not hesitate, if you need anything and kind of help. My sympathy is with you. Take care.

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