Sympathy Messages on Loss of Child

Sympathy messages on loss of child are sent to the mourned parents, family and relatives to overcome their grief in this painful time and to show care and love towards them.

Sample Sympathy Messages on Loss of Child:

[blockquote]We pray for peace and hope,
We are with you always!
Dear Mr. & Mrs Boson! Please accept our deepest sympathy on the death of your Son, Steve! We are absolutely shocked to learn about the untimely death. Words cannot repay your loss, but can work to heal your pain. Take care![/blockquote]

[blockquote]Try to feel the whisper of Wind,
Try to see the light of a new start in the Sky!
Death is the transformation, but your Child is always with you!
The sudden death of your Son, Peter, is indeed the biggest sorrow of your life. Time is the great healer! Try to recall the lovable memories of your Son! Please accept our sympathy and take care of yourselves![/blockquote]

  • Those we love a lot, won’t go away after the death,

They are just unseen, unheard, but always near to us!

Dear Susan! The death of your daughter left us in sadness. As a mother, I can feel the pain you have in your heart. Take care of your family and yourself. With the deepest sympathy, Mr. & Mrs. Smith!

  • Death is no more than turning us over from time to eternity!

Dear Mr. Wilson! Nothing in the world can repay the loss of your Son’s death! We are mourned on this tragic shock. Please take care of yourself & accept our sincere sympathy. We are always with you.

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