Sympathy Messages on Loss of Husband

Sympathy messages on loss of husband are the compassionate quotes conveying the expression and care of the sender on the death of the receiver’s husband.

These messages are sent by the friends, relatives and the near ones.

Sample Sympathy Messages on Loss of Husband:

[blockquote]While we are mourning the loss of our dear friends, others are rejoicing to meet him in the heaven!
Good evening Mrs. Smith! This time is very hard and painful time for you. I can say that I understand your sadness, but God can overcome all your sorrows. Please accept my compassion on the death of your husband Mr. Jon Smith. Take care of yourself and your family.[/blockquote]

  • May peace and hopes, be with you today and always!

Dear Susan! The untimely death of your husband has left you in pain and loneliness! Do not lose your heart and hopes of living. Take care of your shattered family. My sympathy is with you always. May God bless you!

  • Those we love a lot do not go away,

They walk with us every step & everyday!

They are just invisible we cannot see them,

Try to have the whisper of their presence in your ear!

Dear Tina! Please accept my sympathy on the death of your husband. Sorrow & pain is the matter of time, God will heal the wounds of your heart! Please accept my sincere sympathy. Take care!

  • Sharing your sorrow,

Thinking of you!

I wish I would be there to hold your hand!

Dear Rose! Indeed, this is the toughest time of your life as you lost your husband last week. Do not feel alone, I am with you forever! My sympathy is with you.  God Bless you!

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