SMS Take Care Messages

“Take care”. Although it is only two words, yet it means a lot and even more when it carries a message with it.

Take care messages- simple yet sensitive, easy yet emotional, just to let some one know that you really want him/her to take care of their own self.

And since now a days it’s all about being tech savvy, so it’s all about sms take care messages to say ‘please take care’.

Sample SMS Take Care Messages

[blockquote]Take care buddy of yourself and your family. May be we will not be meeting each other for years hence, as I am going abroad to settle there. But, all the memories that we share will remain with me forever.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]It has been a long time since we have met but through this sms I just want to tell you that I still feel the same attachment towards you. Please do take care of yourself and let me know about your whereabouts.[/blockquote]

  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]You are going out of station for a long time, so all I wanted to say is that take care of yourself, stay healthy and be successful in whatever you do. [/notice]
  • You have recovered from such a fatal disease recently. I sincerely request you to take care of yourself; please don’t neglect your health.
  • You have shifted base to a completely new place, so it will take you time to get accustomed to that place. In the while, please take care of yourself and your family and do tell me in case of any need.

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