Take Care Messages for Boss

A boss is no less than a guardian to us in the office environment, the one who guides us through the good and bad of our professional careers.

So it is our utmost duty to care for our boss and flourish him with the due respect.

Take care messages for boss are messages which say silently to our boss that his/her subordinate does take care of him/her.

Sample Take Care Messages for Boss

[blockquote]Take care of yourself, sir, as you mean a lot to all of us. All the success we have tasted would not have been possible without your sound guidance. Your health is not permitting now days because of the extreme lung infection but all of us here at office pray for your good health and hopes to see you soon guiding us.[/blockquote]

  • You have been my father figure all through these five years at office. Now that you are not keeping well and not present, the office seems to be missing its charm. Please get well soon and do take care of yourself.
  • My working day seems to be incomplete and unending without you scolding me and patting my back at times to congratulate me. I heard that you are suffering from bad health; the least I can do is wish that you do take good care of yourself and pray to God every single moment for your good health.
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]Whenever any one of us has been ill you were the first person to inquire about his/her well being. Now that you are not well all of us are equally worried and we sincerely want that you do take care of yourself without fail.[/notice]

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