Take Care Messages for Employee

It is the foremost responsibility of a boss or senior working professional to take good care of the employee because it is because of the employee’s loyalty and devotion towards the boss that keeps his good will on.

Whenever an employee is not keeping well, take care messages are sent by the boss to him/her just to let the employee know that his appointing authority is concerned about him.

Sample Take Care Messages for Employee

[blockquote]As an employee you have always been the type who has satisfied me with his work skills and the eagerness to know more things and attain perfection. Teaching and guiding you has always been fun. As you are not keeping well in the recent times, I sincerely wish that you take care of yourself and be back to office soon.[/blockquote]

  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]I have always treated you as my younger brother and not like my employee. Working with you was satisfactory and the entire office used to light up with your presence. Now that you are ill all I want to say is take care of yourself and do not neglect your health at any cost.[/notice]
  • As a boss I know your worth and I do not hesitate to admit that you have been the most talented and obliged employee I have had in all these years. But because of the chronic infection you are not keeping well, please do take good and conscious care of yourself and come back amongst us as quick as possible. Your chair at office is missing you.

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