Take Care Messages for Parting Friend

“Tag that clumsy friend who’s always tripping” is what crosses our minds when that clumsy friend suddenly trips over something highly preventable. When this clumsy friend gets the chance to go abroad for school, work, or short vacation you might want to send him a take care message before parting to remind him to always take care of himself, not only for possible accidents but also when it comes to personal hygiene.

If you feel lazy crafting you’re take care messages, then you need to worry less about that for this article offers sample take care messages. The best thing about using these sample messages is that they are free to use. If you think that some phrases and words needs changes, rephrasing and rewording are urged to make it sound like it’s your own composition and for sincerity to be palpable in it. The tone of this message can be humorous, and sincere.

  • Why do I have this uneasy feeling that another day means another¬†imminent disaster for you? So I heard that you will be going to this famous tourist spot in Indonesia and I’m dead worried about you for you might slip even in the country’s roughest roads. I really hope you’ll be careful on your trip so I can still listen to your corny jokes when you get back home. Be wary always and godspeed.


  • Oh my! who would have thought that such a clumsy person has finally get the chance to work abroad. I’m both glad and shocked at the same time that you got the position of secretary who runs errands for a living. I hope you will always be careful not only in running errands but, too, in doing your home activities. I just want to clarify that I never doubted your skill as becoming a secretary rather as someone who “runs short errands” for you never complete such tasks without harming in the means of mild accidents. Take care, my friend, and may your life now be fulfilling more than ever.


  • I am filled with excitement when you told me you will be transferring school abroad and at the same time filled with irrational worry for you. I mean I know you’re a fully grown lady with a mind mature enough to combat imbecility, but your inelegance hasn’t matured fully. Please keep your cellphone in your bag at all times, and don’t wear your fancy jewels when you shop at thrift stores for unlikely situations not to ¬†happen. Take care and flourish further in life.


  • Good morning, Barbara, I wish you get the chance to this letter before you take your flight. Be sure that you have all the women necessities packed, especially make up, to charm the boys if you feel like hunting for one or two. I feel really sorry for you for your best friend can’t come along with your trip for who will be there to pick you up when you fall head first on the ground every hour of the day? Please take care of yourself as much as possible so you will back here physically and mentally complete, okay? Trip over boys, not rocks.


  • It appears to me that you working abroad will be a series of mishaps. I’m certainly not referring to your career, rather your clumsiness which has never reduced until this time which may also affect the progress of your career. As a concern friend, I pray to those who reside in heaven to grant you the human elegance and wariness shared by all except you. May you always be careful in whatever you do, and I look forward to that day we’ll meet again.


  • Good day to the luckiest man alive for the sole reason that I am his best friend, the announcement yesterday about your promotion plus the round trip to Maldives had me jumping for absolute happiness. Be extra careful in your journey in the foreign land with your family for there is still so much to celebrate once you get back here. I look forward working with you as my manager. Congratulations and, again, take care.


  • I wallow in the valley of sorrow for you and I will be parting very soon. Although I am troubled with this irrational sorrow, I, too, am happy knowing that you will be on the fast lane in the pursuit of your career. As I am absent in that country, I have a favor to ask of you that you may never forget to take care of yourself and as much as possible stay away from the forbidding dangers of life, although some are surely inevitable. Progress fast and I will catch up soon. Good bye, my not-biological sister.


  • This worst day of mine has finally heard a good news that you have finally decided to leave this country in a very short while with your fiance. I’m excited about this trip of yours for I am expecting my bizarre souvenirs from that country to add them in my collections, and you know how much of a hoarder am I. Thanks in advance for it HA! HA! I hope you will be overjoyed by the splendor of mother nature. Take care in your journey. Adios!


  • I am overwhelmed with joy that you have finally have the heart to accept the offer from your parents abroad to be with them and continue your studies there. You have been independent since you lived with yourself alone since your high school days and have admired you since then. I know that there is no need to remind yourself to take care but I hope you take care of yourself anyway, when I am the one who needs to take care of myself more. Hoping you will tread with great care on the stepping stones of your journey now that you decided to take this great leap of fate. Good bye, friend, and godspeed.


  • It is utterly shocking to know that you have finally realize the gains of working abroad from years and years of convincing you to work there. May you take good care of yourself in your journey for bettering yourself.

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