Take Care Messages for Sister Going Abroad

Take care messages are sent to someone you deeply care about when they are about to leave the house for some time as  means of reminding them to always look out for themselves. If you have a sister who’s planning to work on abroad and are looking for the best take care messages before working abroad then this article will definitely do you good.

Sample take care messages can be found below where you can use them for free, you need only choose in the examples given below. To make this message sound like it is your own composition, then we suggest rewording, rephrasing, and adding sentences which would remind your sister about you. In this case, your sister will read this letter over and over again every time she misses home. The tone of the message should be filled with love, tenderness, and care. This type of message can be posted or privately messaged in the various social networking sites that you are both connected, written in the form of letter, or via sms text messages.

  • Hello, dear sister, I am so proud that you are sent to a foreign land and get to live the job which you are passionate about. Although I am so proud of you for getting a spot which is hardly earned by aspiring participants, I can’t help but miss you when you are no longer around to remind me about my house roles while you simply announce your demands. I know that you are already old enough and can take care of yourself but I will still tell you to always take care for we will be deep worried if you won’t. Goodbye and enjoy.


  • You have no idea how I am so happy now that you will be finally moving out in the house for there will no longer be a need for me to ask for any permission about getting access in your personal computer and do whatever I want to do in it, and because you are going abroad. If you want to make me happier please send me foreign delicacies each month. Our parents and I will miss you so much and we hope you will always be careful in whatever activities you will be engaging with. Love, beautiful younger sister.


  • It truly is hard to think that you will be leaving the family too soon, but at the same time happy for you because you got the chance to go abroad. What sucks more is that you will be there alone in my favorite country. Please update the family about your status and send us pictures if you decide to visit the tourists spots in the place. I hate goodbyes, instead of saying it let me just use the phrase till we meet again. Please call us via Skype if you get the chance to do so, take care.


  • I am torn between missing you and being merry for your achievement. The product of your hard work has sent you to the place you desire to work while I’m stuck with my dreadful work that I don’t even like. I am trying my best to also work abroad so I can contribute something big for our family, too. I am already starting to miss you event though your flight is still weeks away. I hope you will be responsible and take care of yourself always.


  • When your going abroad was announced by mom in the dinning table my reaction was only a gasp for I was utterly shocked that you got accepted working abroad. I knew you could make it but it is still shocking to know that my assumptions have just turned into flesh. I am so proud of you, dear sister, may your career be a roller coaster ride which only has ups. By the time you get back here I will be expecting souvenirs  and lots of chocolates, okay? Please keep safe on your trip and on your new daily routine.


  • I am so down from overthinking about the time that you will no longer be in the house for there is no one for me to mess around with. The products of overthinking always end to no good and I can’t stop myself from overthinking which makes me depressed. My only hope is to keep your contacts open so I can still mess around with you even if it is through camera. Please enjoy your new life but don’t enjoy it too much for you may get hurt from a heartbreak, and the pain will be too much that you will be taken to a foreign hospital, and the doctors may run out of pain relief, and you can’t recover from your heartbreak. Ugh! I’m overthinking again. Just take care of yourself okay? That would be my only wish and I hope you grant me that.

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